May 22

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Episode 3: Government buying decisions are made by groups -- and companies that thrive in public-sector sales understand this decision-maker network and know how to navigate it. The third in our “10 Laws of Government Sales and Marketing” webcasts will unpack this important issue. Our panel of experts will provide real-world advice on: 

  • Identifying key influencers
  • Understanding public-sector procurement processes
  • Mapping the role of CIOs, elected officials, agency leaders and others

Join us May 22 for this free, interactive 45-minute webcast that will help your company to win a bigger share of more than $3.25 trillion in annual state and local government and education spending. 


Mark Funkhouser, former Mayor and City Auditor, Kansas City, Mo. 

Dugan Petty, former CIO and Purchasing Manager, state of Oregon


Joe Morris, Vice President of Research, e.Republic


Mark Funkhouser

Mark Funkhouser

Publisher, Governing Magazine

Mark Funkhouser is the Publisher of Governing magazine. Previously, he was mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, from 2007 to 2011, a position to which he was elected after serving as that city’s Auditor for 18 years. During his tenure, Funkhouser relied heavily on his expertise in public finance to lead the city from the brink of bankruptcy back to fiscal health. Mark holds a BA from Thiel College, an MSW from West Virginia University, an MBA from Tennessee State University, and an interdisciplinary PhD in public administration and sociology from the University of Missouri at Kansas City.

Dugan Petty

Dugan Petty

Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government, former Oregon State CIO

For fifteen years, Dugan Petty served in Oregon State Government. His goal was to improve its effectiveness at the enterprise level. He served as the State’s Chief Information Officer for six years. His collaborative leadership led to a new e-government delivery system, open government applications, strengthening security, and improvements in IT governance.

Joseph Morris

Joseph Morris — Moderator

Vice President of Research, e.Republic

Joseph Morris is vice president of Research and a national keynote speaker on issues, trends and drivers impacting state and local government and education. He has authored publications and reports on funding streams, technology investment areas and public-sector priorities, and has led roundtables, projects and initiatives focused on issues within the public sector. Joe has conducted state and local government research with e.Republic since 2007 and knows the ins and outs of government on all levels. He received his Bachelor of Arts in government and international relations from the California State University, Sacramento.